The interview is a quizz game where the player can choose ideas, rather than concrete answers, sort of defining the players ideosyncrasy.
The original idea revolved around all the tricks an interviewer could play on its interviewee during a job interview.

It all turned out rather morbid.

Since the original idea implied dense dialog trees it was necessary to think of a tool for the job. I came across Inkle studio’s ink. It makes writting conversational games a breeze, thank you guys. Once you have your ink script ready you just go through it like so:

[SerializeField] private TextAsset inkScript;
private Story story;
story = new Story(inkScript.text);
string text = string.Empty;
while (story.canContinue)
    text += story.Continue().Trim();
    text += "\n";

In order to keep the art to a minimum, I made a simple shader to ease between sprites using Amplify shader editor. It allows to adjust the transition’s progression with a float, and you can specify wether to ease in or out with another float. Looks like this:

There are 4 possible endings, depending on your attitud during the interview ( Spoiler, there aren’t good endings ).

So put on you best shoes and give it a try.

Original idea: Israel Paez